Music moves fast these days, especially in the hip-hop genre. Sometimes I get so caught up listening to new shit that it becomes a cycle of constantly rotating out old mixes for new ones. To break the cycle, every now and then I scroll through my iTunes and hand pick songs that pass the test of time, and songs that deserve to be revisited.

This time around, I decided to share with you. I put together this mix, Crumbs. Hopefully there’s a couple tracks on here that you haven’t already heard, but even if you’ve heard them all, it should serve as a nice collection that you can play all the way through. I chose all hip-hop songs – the kind of songs that are perfect for playing on a sunny day while you’re driving with the windows open. Enjoy. If you like it, feel free to rehost or pass it around. And let me know. Maybe we can make this a monthly mix kind of thing, with different styles of music each time.