Ahh yes. Beautiful Friday. Woke up with the sun in my eyes. Was mad at the sun then, but looking back, it had good intentions. Got a new pair of shoes. Saw the Magic Hat summer sampler at the store and couldn’t resist. Also couldn’t wait until 5 to start drinking it. For today, I’m gonna pretend like I don’t have shit to do, even though these next couple weeks are going to be rough.

I posted this Brisco track a while back, but this version sounds more polished and higher quality. Living in FL for a few years, I learned to love Brisco. Florida hip-hop at it’s finest, perfect for sunroofs and open windows. Florida never got the memo about lyricism, content, or vulnerability. Florida still makes rap music that is made for getting drunk, fucking, and acting hostile. What up, Friday?

Brisco – On The Wall ft. Lil Wayne | YouSendIt

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