I saw this over at Pretty Much Amazing, and it roped me in quickly. “Back To Back” has a lot of the echoes and falsettos that the latest indie darlings have fallen in love with, but London artist Wolf Gang isn’t afraid to bang on the drums and get a little aggressive with the guitar. This is by no means head banging music, but it’s a step away from the cloud music that makes you want to cuddle a kitten on a windowsill.

The video is all over the place, but I think I noticed an albino deer in it, and that’s strange because when I was little I think I saw an albino deer. Either that, or I saw an albino deer in my dream. It’s hard to distinguish those early memories from dreams, but either way the image of an albino deer has stuck with me in an odd way, so it’s always good to see them get a little shine.

Wolf Gang – Back To Back