If you read P&P regularly (thank you for that!) then you probably know how I feel about this dude Intuition‘s music. If you don’t read P&P regularly (fuck you!) then I’ll tell you one more time  – Intuition is dope. His music is like what might have been made if Slug moved to California at an early age and joined Dilated Peoples. He’s definitely got that West Coast vibe, but he’s also opens open with some real sharp, sometimes funny, and always honest lyricism. Enough talking, here’s the info on his latest project, along with the first two leaks below. If you like what you hear, support Intuition and buy his album Girls Like Me on iTunes. It’s worth it.

Remember when you used to make actual tapes for your friends, or a girl you liked? You’d spend hours trying to come up with the right songs in the right order, trying to appease your friend’s preferences but show your tastes as well. The side project I’m going to release later this month takes that exact idea, but just one step farther. I took a collection of 11 songs that I love (no rap music), songs that I think fans of any type of music would love, and I added a verse to each. I didn’t chop the songs up and flip the samples for brownie points. I didn’t try to make something new out of these songs. I just tried to leave the original songs alone as much as I could, and added one verse over each song to make it seem as if I was invited into the studio with the band to collaborate. All of these collaborations are, of course, unauthorized, but I tried to make each verse as relevant to the songs’ original lyrics as I possibly could. The genres range from classic soul to modern indie rock, with a little bit of everything sprinkled in between. Some of the songs might be very familiar to you, and others may not, but I feel that I’ve added a nice little compliment to each of them (you might think I ruined them though). Enjoy.

Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks ft. Intuition

Mayer Hawthorne – Make Her Mine ft. Intuition