Just as I was starting to get tired of all the “Over” remixes, Dekk sent over this monster, which I immediately crowned as my favorite Drake remix of the year so far. Before you get into it, keep in mind that this is not your typical hip-hop remix. Dekk has replaced the dramatic, muscle-bound “Over” instrumental with a slightly strange pop/rock/new wave musical backdrop that takes this song in a completely new direction. Personally, I love it. I actually had to ask for permission to post this right away because I was so excited to share.

Dekk is part of the duo Moxie Black, which, from what I’ve heard, is going to feature a lot more of this genre-bending style. They are working on two EPs, the first coming in spring, and an LP due out this summer, all to be released on Spread Music. He’s also working on an indie/electro project with vocalist Randa Smith and an EP with rapper SLik d.

Drake – “Over” (Dekk Remix) | YouSendIt