I’m excited for this. Everything I’ve ever listened to from Dom has been dope, and I’ve already heard really good things about this mixtape. Sorry for slacking off on the posts, but yesterday my flight from JFK to Tampa consumed my whole day. While I was in the air, Tampa decided to close the airport because of weather. We landed at another airport to refuel, and then found out that every other airplane in the air had priority to land before us. And of course, I was sitting next to a fat, unkempt man who was chewing tobacco and spitting it into an apple juice bottle the whole time. As you can imagine, a man bold enough to spit brown stained saliva into a clear bottle while sitting right next to 2 people is not a quiet, subtle man.

So that’s my excuse. Hopefully this Dom mixtape will make up for my negligence. I’m downloading mine now. Saw it at iLLRoots. To download and see the tracklist, click “Read More”.

Dom Kennedy – From The Westside With Love (Mixtape)

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