Hell yeah, new Citizen Cope! I’m a big fan, but I didn’t even know his upcoming release The Rainwater LP, was so close. It’s set to come out in February, and this is the first I’ve heard from it. If you don’t already know Citizen Cope, you need to. It’s sad that many people probably only know him from that “Son’s Gonna Rise” song on the car commercial. (Still, a great song.)

Citizen Cope combines elements of rock, hip-hop, folk, pop, reggae – shit, almost everything that doesn’t involve raves and glowsticks or lassos and stirrups. The end product is a blend that’s always a distinctly balanced, instantly recognizable Cope composition. It’s music that has heart and soul, but it also has an edge that’s always apparent if in nothing else but the way Clarence Greenwood speaks/sings. Imagine Ben Harper with a gold tooth and a switchblade sticking out of his pocket.

Citizen Cope – Healing Hands | YouSendIt

Thanks to The Foolish Wagon for the heads up!

Bonus: Here’s Cope’s cover of “Way Down In The Hole”, the theme song to HBO series The Wire written by Tom Waits.