If you don’t already know, Broken Bells is a collaboration between producer Danger Mouse and frontman James Mercer of The Shins. As proven on Dark Night Of The Soul‘s “Insane Lullaby” these guys work well together. Really well. The sound falls somewhere on the spectrum between Beck and Gorillaz. Danger Mouse has really proven his versatility over the years. Whether it be straight comic book hip-hop like Dangerdoom, soulful psychedelia like Gnarls Barkley, or the genre-fusing mash ups that made him famous with the Grey Album, he chameleons his techniques to fit the attitude of the projects. It’s great to hear him morph again, providing some great backdrops for Mercer’s familiar voice.

Here’s the second track you can expect to hear on the Broken Bells project. The self-titled album should be out March 9th if they don’t pull a Rebirth. I’m excited.

Broken Bells – October | YouSendIt (Removed by request)

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