Tonight has been too epic. Between the State of the Union Address, the “IAmWhoAmI” mystery, and the iPad introduction, I’m all out of steam. Oh yeah, one other big piece of news – hip-hop artist and my partner over here at P&P Frank Ramz is at the hospital right now expecting a baby girl! He’s a good man and I’m sure he’s gonna make a great father. Gigantic congratulations to Ramz! Hope it’s cool I disclosed that on P&P.

So with all this big news, I’m afraid anything I post will be severely underwhelming. So let’s just play catch up. I have a small arsenal of recent music releases by some pretty big names in the indie world. Let all that epic shit settle in your stomach and gnaw on this to encourage digestion.

First up is a Miike Snow b-side. Miike Snow’s waste is better than most peoples’ masterpiece, so don’t let that b-side word twist you up. As always, the production is toxic.

Miike Snow – Billie Holiday | YouSendIt

Next we have a new track from She & Him. She & Him is M.Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel. I used to be into Zooey, but then I saw that 500 Days of Summer movie and hated her character so much that it translated into disgust with Zooey. It’s wrong, but I can’t help it. This song is boring to me, but it’s being received well by others. They probably haven’t seen 500 Days of Summer yet.

She & Him – In the Sun | YouSendIt

This is Joanna Newsom’s latest. Um. Imagine a fairy playing a harp and singing about a garden party. If that doesn’t appeal to you, move on. This doesn’t click with me.

Joanna Newsom- ’81 | YouSendIt

Caribou’s new song. This is more my style. Complicated medium-fi dance music for people with their heads in the clouds. Not a soul out there with the sound of Caribou. Digging it. I’d love to hear a rapper get in on this beat.

Caribou – Odessa | YouSendIt

New Hot Chip. Thanks to Will for this one. This is a 5 minute electro-pop dance track that builds on itself for close to 5 minutes. I’m used to a fluffier Hot Chip, but on this one I was half expecting to hear Pitbull jump in at the 1:57 mark. I won’t complain though, not a bad track.

Hot Chip – I Feel Better | YouSendIt

I know a lot of heads come to this site for the hip-hop and probably stare blankly at the wall with their mouths open when they play something like Joanna Newsom. It’s okay. You stuck it out this far, and I got you. I just got my hands on the new Intuition album. I’m not allowed to spread it any more than I already have (top left of the page, Search: Intuition), but I’m pretty sure this song is already out there, so get it. The album is fucking greatness. I haven’t heard this much honest personality on an album since the last Atmosphere LP (He even got a Slug collabo on the album). Intuition is the shit.

Hand in my waistband, so Al Bundy

Intuition – Al Bundy | YouSendIt