This is B.o.B aka Bobby Ray’s first live performance of his new song “Nothin’ On You” in ATL. Thanks to TJ. The album The Adventures of Bobby Ray is in the making and this is set to be the first single. I’m excited for this release, and you should be too. B.o.B is kind of musician who, like fellow ATLien Andre 3000, combines his dynamic rapping with this crazy new development called melodies that a lot of rappers haven’t heard of. Ready for a digression? Ok.

In Jay-Z’s song “D.O.A” he claims proudly, “My raps don’t have melodies”. I understand where he’s coming from, but how the fuck are you going to turn the removal of melodies from your music into a positive thing? I’m a fan of Jay-Z’s work, and I definitely don’t want to hear him sing (as painful as an overconfident kid at a high school talent show), but I am all for an emcee with enough skill to incorporate melody into his or her flow.

B.o.B – Nothin On You ft. Bruno Mars

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