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Saw it at YHTN. This balances on a very thin line between a fitness video and porn. Actually, no, it doesn’t. Pretty sure you could call this porn.

Soooooooo…I promised you guys that when I got past 20,000 friends on Twitter…I would have another STRETCHING VIDEO for you guys. Well…now I’m up for 26,000+, and I wanted to make sure I showed everyone how much I appreciate it! So….me! Rosa! New Video…just for you!!!

If you missed the first Rosa Acosta stretching video, here. Rosa is a Dominican model and dancer. Last time I heard, she was with Soulja Boy, but I don’t know if that’s still true or ever was true. Anyways, uh, nice stretching right? I’m no longer too proud of being able to touch my toes.

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