Lots of new music lately, but it seems like the majority of it has been hip hop or heavily electronic. I like to mix things up, but I couldn’t find much new on the acoustic front, so I’m gonna dig into the collection and bring you one of my favorites.

Neutral Milk Hotel is one of those larger than life indie bands way beyond the scope of most bands that come and go, or come, evolve, get huge, and stay. Maybe it’s because they put out some classic shit and then just disappeared. Maybe it’s because front man Jeff Mangum is often labeled a genius surrounded by a cloud of mystery. Maybe it’s simply that voice. I don’t know. But I’m glad it’s like that. Call it being a music snob, elitist, whatever, but I’m glad there are still some treasures that haven’t been completely unearthed and divided equally among the masses. In An Aeroplane Over The Sea is one of those albums that most people probably don’t know, but the ones who have it love it.

Most of the time you hear about Neutral Milk Hotel, you hear about the title track from that album (it’s definitely a classic and probably one of my favorite tracks of the decade), but here’s another one that’s not far behind it.

Neutral Milk Hotel – Two Headed Boy | YouSendIt