Before I begin let me say that I’m speaking about this project as if I’m not on it, from a listeners (fans) perspective.

I Hope You All Have Your Plates Ready!

The great Charlie Hilton took his time putting together a wonderful full course meal (great music) for the listeners to consume. With all the snacks and fast food out here in the music world, every one needs some *Good Food* for a change. And this project does not disappoint!

Hilton’s melodic & trance-like production definitely sets the perfect mood for this project and puts you in his world while each artist on the project sprinkles their own seasoning and style onto each beat; creating something that will certainly fulfill your hunger.

Some of the artist featured on this project are: QuESt, Nero, Fuze the MC, brandUn deShay, Show Tufli, Wing Span, XV, Marky & myself. But without futher ado, here it is folks!

Charlie Hilton – *Good Food*

This project has already been approved by the good folks @ 2DopeBoyz so don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself; EAT! Even if they didn’t approve of this, it’s still more than worth the download!

[I’ve said this before, but Hilton’s is most certainly the dopest & most consistent producer, PERIOD (signed or unsigned). His sound is definately one I’ve never heard & is very refreshing! This should’ve been called *Great Good Food*]

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