I remember a couple years ago my buddy Will who just so happens to run We All Want Someone To Shout For introduced me to The Streets. It used to be just a back and forth between me and him, giving each other new music, going to a couple shows, whatever it really was. Will was really what got me to start It’s A Rap and now look at it.

Anyway, since I started hardcore searching for rap songs and music of that sort I kind of dropped off with other types of music, I did pledge that I will start to put up more alternative music and I really want to because I want to get back to my roots. While there is nothing wrong with listening to rap, etc 24/7, I sort of miss my old days from time to time. But The Streets’ music is something I’ve always been able to keep up with. I have this huge soft spot I guess you can say for British/European sounding music, I dunno I guess it’s the same thing that infatuates women.
He vowed to release 3 songs via twitter, I missed the first but I didn’t enjoy it as much as this one.