When listening to Charlie Hilton‘s production, the first thing that comes to my mind is “bittersweet”. I was telling Charlie the other day that his music is perfect for that scene in a movie when the main character just went through hell to come out on top. It’s like a celebratory feeling with very clear overtones of sadness and pain. It wasn’t a huge surprise to find out that Charlie is working on a movie musical and plans to produce for movies in the future. But first is the upcoming mixtape, Good Food. Out soon.

So here it goes, “Tears of Our City”! Brought to you by Pigeons and Planes. Give this song some time to breathe. It’s not the next “Turn My Swag On”, but it will move you if you let it. From Charlie:

It is my favorite song on the mixtape. The hook is Adele, the pianos are sampled. Each artist is singing from the perspective of their respective cities of birth. Their words are telling him/herself that since that person became famous/touring/a nation-wide face, they lose the identity with their city. The city is fighting back, asking the artist not to forget where the home is.

Charlie Hilton – Tears Of Our City ft. Kid Fly, QuEST, Adele

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