Speaking of Eminem, Copywrite has made a song dissing Asher Roth, claiming that Asher bit Em’s style, and also pointing out that Asher’s first album was the Dave Matthews Band. Should Ash be embarassed by this? Maybe. Haha but it doesn’t mean that Ash isn’t making good music. I enjoy what Asher is bringing to hip-hop. And I think he’s got respect for those who came before him.

That being said, Copywrite is a pretty sick lyricist and his rhyme schemes have always been on point. I’m not sure if he’s doing this to capitalize on Asher’s recent success and get some attention, or if he’s really that passionate about protecting Eminem’s legacy and pointing out a biter. Kind of ironic that he’s the one who ends up looking like he’s on Shady’s nuts. I mean he wrote a whole song basically saying “You copied Eminem!” In my opinion, Copywrite ends up looking like an ass on this one, kind of like in that picture.

Sidenote: Is he pointing to his shaved armpit? Weird.

Copywrite – The Real Fake Shady (Asher Roth Diss)