I love when a bunch of Florida rappers get together on songs. It’s never bad. Florida hip hop minus Rick Ross is the shit. This one has some serious bounce to it.

Sidenote: I’m getting a lot more comments than I used to get, but I want more from you guys. I feel like if people would comment about what they like and what they don’t like and why then other people could look at comments and decide what to check out and what not to check out instead of just trusting my ass all the time. So if you listen to a song and you feel anything but indifferent about it, write a quick comment. It takes a second and it will make this place a lot more useful for everyone. Also, I want this shit to be like a community eventually. Still a very young site to be thinking that way, but I notice some people come back here often and leave comments and I appreciate that. That’s all. Peace.

Brisco ft. Flo-Rida, Billy Blue, Ace Hood – Just Know Dat (Remix)

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