I was under the impression, along with a lot of other people, that “Crack a Bottle” was Eminem’s comeback joint and would be on Relapse. Recently 50 Cent casually mentioned that “Crack a Bottle” was actually on his album, Before I Self Destruct. So what is all this talk about Relapse being “almost done”, and why hasn’t anyone heard anything from it? Either Em’s people are really bad at marketing, they want to play up the mystery factor, or Relapse is another Detox that is going to be talked about for years before we actually hear the music. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a new Eminem album anytime soon, because this shit is Shady.

Eminem ft. Dr. Dre, 50 Cent – Crack A Bottle

Eminem ft. Ca$his, Bobby Creekwater – Crack A Bottle (Remix)

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