After watching that Atmosphere DVD trailer the other day and seeing Eyedea in there, it inspired me to go listen to some old Eyedea tracks. Eyedea used to be so dope. He won a bunch of battle competitions and was crazy at freestyling, but he still had the ability to come up with cool concepts for studio shit. Word is that he’s now part of an alternative rock group called Carbon Carousel but he and Abilities have made some new material in the past couple years. I checked out Carbon Carousel. Eyedea is on vocals, although it’s weird to hear him (kind of) singing. Sounds like a more alternative, less original Violent Femmes plus The Pixies. Not bad, but its like listening to a local highschool band. Sorry Eyedea. Here’s a couple tracks I used to love.

Eyedea & Abilities – Now
Eyedea – Even Shadows Have Shadows