The album will be called Welcome and the tracklist looks like this:

Track listing:
1. Up On A Mountain
2. Sold! To The Nice Rich Man
3. Unless the Lord the House Shall Build
4. He Never Said A Mumblin’ Word
5. Hail To The Lord’s Anointed
6. But For You Who Fear My Name
7. American Legion
8. You Made My Day
9. Half A Person
10. Jesus
11. I Am A Stranger
12. Deep Were His Wounds, And Red

The Welcome Wagon seems cool, and they’ll get a chance to prove themselves with time. But I think the reason most people are interested in this is because of Sufjan Stevens’ involvement. So for those who aren’t ready to welcome the new guys yet, here is some rare/unreleased Sufjan.

Sufjan Stevens – Borderline

Sufjan Stevens – The One I Love (R.E.M. Cover)
Sufjan Stevens – I Can’t Even Lift My Head
Sufjan Stevens – Woman At the Well

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