Citizen Cope is one of those artists that, for whatever reason, doesn’t get mentioned as much as he should. He never really got embraced by the indie world, and he always seems to have one foot in the festival/jam band scene, but he stands out like a sore thumb in either of those worlds. Citizen Cope is pretty much in a world of his own. One of the few artists I can think of who truly blends music styles together without ever sounding corny. In his music you can hear hip hop, pop, rock, and reggae, sometimes all in the same song. Since I never really see anything new about him on music sites I went to his website and was pleasantly surprised to find these first two songs for download. The third is just a bonus of one of my favorite Citizen Cope songs.

Cope, if you ever read this, you should hire me to be your agent. Or at least your hype man. The fact that you aren’t really famous yet either means you don’t wanna be, or someone isn’t doing their job. If I can’t be your agent, I’d be happy to just jump on stage before you and yell about how awesome you are. You don’t have to pay me. Hit me up.


Citizen Cope – Let the Drummer Kick (alternative)
You may have heard this on some commercial lately. This version has a couple nice little touches added to it.
Citizen Cope – If There’s Love (alternative)
Citizen Cope – Salvation This song gives me chills.