In a new interview, Atlanta producer Zaytoven spoke about why he turned down Jeezy’s offer to buy the beat for 2005’s “Icy” in favor of giving it to Gucci Mane.

As the debut commercial single from Gucci, the song proved to be a minor hit on the Billboard charts and successfully launched the trap rapper into the mainstream. While Guwop and Jeezy have had their disputes about whose song it is—one of the drivers of a beef they only squashed last year—Zaytoven has long maintained “Icy” belongs to Gucci through and through.

“Maybe it’s the ownership of the song, or not being able to share the song equally maybe became the problem,” said Zaytoven in a 2015 interview with DJ Vlad, suggesting the song is what led to their issues:

In a new interview with Vlad, Zaytoven revealed Jeezy approached him at one point to buy the track for his own album. Asked why he chose to give the song to Gucci over Jeezy, who was the bigger artist at the time, Zay made it clear where his loyalties were.