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A 23-track label compilation album gives ample opportunity for one of YSL’s unheralded acts to have a breakout moment. And while it feels like that may not have happened on first listen, Thug’s brother Unfoonk came the closest to it. He made headlines when he came home from an 11-year-bid in 2019, but those who didn’t intently follow him afterwards may not know what he’s been up to in the ensuing years. “Real” is a solid indication that he’s been honing his craft. The guitar-driven track is the first real mellow moment of the album, and Unfoonk holds his own with Thug. He has a distinctive vocal tone like his brother, using his gravelly voice to croon about betrayal and telling us to “check the Rollie, bitch, it’s my time.” He may be right. I’m interested in hearing more of what he has going on after “Real.” —Andre Gee