The first eight songs on SL2 are stacked. There’s the much-hyped single “Ski,” which fully lives up to the irresistible snippet. There are collaborations with Drake, Uzi, and Travis (“Diamonds Dancing” is a hit). And there’s even a standout performance from Thug’s own brother Unfoonk (more on that a little later). If the project stopped there, as an 8-song EP, it would be bulletproof. Unfortunately, SL2 falls off a little after that point, as some of the songs begin blending into each other and performances from a handful of the up-and-coming artists fall short. Of course, that’s to be expected on a label compilation like this. Thug gave everyone an opportunity to shine alongside the biggest names in rap. Some took advantage of the moment and others weren’t quite ready (although, they might be by the time SL3 comes around). —Eric Skelton