Young Nudy continues to welcome fans into Dr. EV4L’s office with the release of the album’s latest single, “Soul Keeper.”

In the video that dropped on Tuesday, Nudy shows the duality of his life. The rapper and his friends take over Nudy’s high-rise apartment to enjoy the luxuries of being an entertainer like catered food and an abundance of money and weed. But instead of keeping the video in a place that’s unobtainable for most, Nudy proves that he’s still a man of the people by climbing out of the clouds to spend time in Zone 6. The lyrics of “Soul Keeper” mirrors Nudy’s dedication to his hometown and neighborhood. 

“I just made ‘bout 500 thow and that’s just off features, don’t think we is equal/I just made ‘bout 150 just off reefer, and I smoke it, I’mma chiefer,” Nudy raps. “Put my homie on a lick, gotta feed my people/When it come to money, you know I am evil/Stick talk, the grim reaper.”

“Soul Keeper” follows Dr. EV4L’s lead-off single, “2Face,” featuring G Herbo. The album was paired with Nudy’s first NFT collection. The collection included a one-of-one auction for the Official DR. EV4L Artwork NFT, minted NFT for the back cover artwork, exclusive polaroid photographs signed by Nudy, and more. 

Watch the video for Young Nudy’s “Soul Keeper” above.