In a hearing on September 17, Bortlen’s attorney Fred Haddad revealed something shocking: Bortlen’s father had been shot. At that point, the lawyer didn’t know much more. “I don’t know if the father became deceased, or if he was wounded, so I’m waiting to hear,” he told the judge.

A little more than a week after the hearing, details finally emerged. A 43-year-old man, who reports identified only as being “related to” Bortlen (not specifically as his father) had been shot in a Gifford, Florida apartment complex on September 14. An 18-year-old man named Traveion Banks was arrested for the shooting.

A report by Deputy Robert Sunkel of the Indian River County Sherrif’s Office filled in the details. The two alleged shooters, Banks and a second suspect named Shakeem Parker, had “exchanged words” with Bortlen’s relative about a month before the shooting about Bortlen. People in the area also kept telling the cops exactly why the shooting happened.

“Numerous anonymous tips had come in...that the males shot [Bortlen’s relative] in retaliation for [Bortlen] and Jamel [sic] Demons killing their friends in South Florida,” Sunkel’s report reads. 

Bortlen’s relative was badly hurt and was briefly on a ventilator in the aftermath of the shooting. He will “most likely survive, but may be paralyzed,” Sunkel wrote. 

Banks was charged with Attempted First Degree Murder With Firearm, and is set to be arraigned on October 29. Parker, despite being named in the police report, has not been arrested.