A music video director who has been living in Sean Kingston’s home has accused the musician of punching and pulling a gun on him, TMZ shares.

The director, who goes by the handle GXDLIKE on Instagram, told TMZ that Kingston let him live and work at his Los Angeles-area home for three months. On Nov. 5, around 2 a.m., the man says Kingston asked him to join him downstairs to film something, but his phone was dead. 

From there, Kingston was allegedly upset and punched him in the face, before pulling a gun on him after dragging him down the home’s hallway. GXDLIKE says that Kingston then asked him to collect his things and leave the home. 

According to his Instagram page, GXDLIKE has filmed and edited multiple Sean Kingston “Deliverance” vlogs, dating back to Sept. 3. He also followed the singer as he performed at gigs – surprised fans at a private party, and cooked food. Ths most recent one was uploaded three weeks ago, some time before the alleged attack. 

GXDLIKE's Instagram comment on his Kingston allegations
Image via Instagram

While the man suffered no serious injuries, he said Kingston’s alleged actions left him with cuts on his face. He has since filed a police report with the LAPD. TMZ says it has not yet heard from Kingston’s team and the artist has not addressed the allegations on his social media pages Saturday.