Returning to the You Should Be Here tape released in August last year, Poet and the Vibbar boys are back with visuals for one of the key tracks, “Boo Boo”.

A smooth and stylish bubbler, the TJ 2%-produced jam is for all those guys who think they’re slick enough to juggle two women at once—a precautionary tale for the ages. It’s also just a great piece of UK rap, with star of the show Poet proving that he’s much more than the LOLZ he gives us all on the ‘net.

Directed by Ray Fiasco, Poet acts as our POV protagonist, taking Apple Music host (and presenter of Complex UK’s Best Rappers Of 2021 show) Nada out for a spot of lunch. Even with the help of Margs, Vuj, Harry Pinero and the rest—and despite repeated warnings from his Uber driver that absolutely no one is that slick—things still go badly and he ends up being caught red-handed. 

Peep the visuals for “Boo Boo” above, and revisit You Should Be Here below.