Pharrell exists in a weird but fruitful space. At any moment, the Neptunes could be creating tracks for Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake, then venture back to their Virginia roots by producing drug-influenced albums for the Clipse or gun-laced singles for N.O.R.E. This gives Pharrell a unique perspective on snitching that didn't sit well with Uncle Murda

During a recent appearance on Drink Champs, Pharrell let it be known that he's personally not a "tough guy." As a result, he warns his very thorough friends not to do any illegal activity around him because he'll be the first person to call 911. 

"Literally, I'm not a tough guy, I'm staying my ass inside and the fucking FBI is on speed dial, bro. I'm not a fucking tough guy," Pharrell said to N.O.R.E. "You people say things about snitching...I'm fucking snitching! Don't talk to me about all that! Everybody plays their part, this is a movie, you guys, everybody plays their part. I am snitching! Don't do nothing around me, I'm not built for the jail life."

Uncle Murda then sat down with Drink Champs for a conversation which led to him condemning Pharrell for promoting this narrative. 

"The difference was—you know what I didn't like about the Pharrell thing? It was just like, why promote that," Uncle Murda said before explaining how Pharrell's comments could be unintentionally paired with the 6ix9ine's situation. "We in an era now where motherfuckers is thinking snitching is so cool, and definitely because of a n***a like Tekashi. So, you got these motherfuckers making snitching like, a cool thing, and I was just mad at Pharrell for promoting that. Definitely on this platform. This is a big platform right here."

"I was just mad at him for promoting it at the time," Murda continued. "That's not cool. I was mad at Pharrell for doing that. No personal beef with him."

Pharrell has juggled the concept in the past. On Pusha-T's 2013 album, My Name Is My Name, Pharrell crafted the song, "S.N.I.T.C.H." Not only did this become one of hip-hop's most creative acronyms, but it allowed Push to explain the issue with snitching from a street perspective while Pharrell's chorus allows some to empathize. 

Watch Uncle Murda's full appearance on Drink Champs up top.