After Tyler officially announced the album, fans started poking around his social media accounts for clues and they noticed his Instagram captions look a lot like a tracklist. As early as November 2019, Tyler has been captioning photos with a number followed by what could be a song title. Some of the captions also contain parentheticals with names of possible collaborators, as well as photos of Tyler with musician friends. On February 26, 2020, Tyler captioned of photo of himself with a cow: “3. 3 Kings” (Hov only version) which could suggest a Jay-Z collaboration. In April 2020, he captioned a selfie: “2. No Vacancy (gunn) – mustache,” which could be alluding to a collab with the Griselda member. There are also solo captions, like, “5. cleva” Tyler has not confirmed the tracklist yet, but don’t be surprised if some of these song titles pop up on the official album.