Tyler, the Creator has put together a hell of a discography. From his early days making wildly ambitious (and rebellious) albums like Goblin and Wolf to more melodic (and commercially successful) albums like Flower Boy and IGOR, his career arc has been fascinating to watch over the past decade. 

For as much talk as there is about how much Tyler has grown, though, it’s not like he completely changed his tastes and sensibilities along the way. Going all the way back to his debut solo mixtape, Bastard, you’ll find the creative seeds that ultimately blossomed into his most recent project, Call Me If You Get Lost. His technical abilities have improved every step of the way, but the ideas have been there from the very beginning. 

A week removed from the release of Call Me If You Get Lost, there’s been a lot of talk about how it compares to the rest of Tyler’s albums, so we took this as an opportunity to dive back into his discography and rank all his projects. These are Tyler, the Creator’s albums, ranked from worst to best.