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This year has been a not-so-fun rollercoaster for most of us, but perhaps even more so for rapper TwoTiime. In mid-April, the Ottawa native was arrested and charged with carrying and pointing a firearm. The artist claims he was wrongfully arrested because he “matched a description.” While he waits to be vindicated in court, he’s bringing some new music to cope with the ups and downs of a rough 2021.

TwoTiime’s new track, “Did A Lot,” produced by Trillo Beatz, tells the story of growing up on Ottawa’s Ritchie Street, which is known for its gangs and violence. His music recalls some of the hardships he has been through, from losing friends to the cage and to the grave. “And I just can’t see properly with these niggas out to get me/I know they plotting, tryna catch me slipping,” he raps.

The accompanying visuals, shot by MyNameFrench, show TwoTiime back in his ends visiting the gravestone of his fallen friend FTG Metro—a fellow MC who was tragically killed in January 2020 at just 18 years old.

Featured in the Ottawa Citizen and awarded Single of the Year by the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition for his breakout hit “Hood Cry,” the rapper is ready to fly. TwoTiime was recently flown out to L.A. by Polo G to sit in on some studio sessions and share his music. 

“This record allowed me to reach back and reconnect with where I came from and where I’m going,” TwoTiime explains. “‘Did A Lot’ is a salute to my hood and a reflection of the fact that I am simply just a product of my environment and my voice is just an instrument of the streets. There are things I can speak on, but I’d rather tell the story through my music.” 

Check out video for “Did A Lot” above.