Hundreds of songs come out every month, and if you blink while looking at Apple MusicSpotifySoundCloud, Twitter, or wherever else you hear about new music, you are bound to miss something. This is where we can help. We spend hours every day watching for and listening to hordes of new music, and we've decided to put our best finds all in one place. What follows are the top new songs in hip-hop, pop, EDM, and more.

This is a chronologically ordered list, newest to oldest, based on release date, that will be updated weekly with all of the top songs of the moment, the ones that have already staged global takeovers and the others that have next. Mosts of the songs added on here will be those released within the last month or two. But sometimes a song takes a while to percolate before it pops off, which is why we will occasionally break our own rule.

So get up from your computers, and go do something productive. Let us stare at the Internet while you reap the rewards. These are 
The Top New Songs You Should Listen to Right Now​.

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