Tony Yayo recounted the time Young Buck got his chain snatched in a Chicago club, and admitted his fellow G-Unit affiliate “got caught slipping.”

The incident occurred in 2004, and as rumor had it, Buck’s chain was stolen by G-Unit affiliate D-Tay and was returned three days later because 50 Cent threatened to put a bounty on his head. In an interview with Vlad TV, Yayo confirmed the incident, but wouldn’t go into detail about that aspect.

“Yeah, that was crazy. It was the G-Unit spinner,” Yayo said. “Muthafucka was in Chicago and my man, I don’t wanna say no names but, one of the dude’s homies took the Chain and he’s in Chicago. He got caught slippin’. You in Chicago with that big-ass chain on? I mean things happen. Merry Christmas.”

Vlad then reiterated that the chain was in fact returned to Buck.

“Yeah, that’s a long story the way the chain came back,” Yayo said.

In a separate sit-down with Vlad, Yayo did confirm that a bounty had been placed on his own head related to an early 2000s beef he was involved in.

“Yes,” Yayo told Vlad. “I don’t want to say the amount, but like I said n***as always say we glorify the shit. I believe I had money on my head in jail. I had money on my head in the street. I don’t glorify none of that shit ’cause it’s real.”

While 50 Cent may or may not have gone to bat for Young Buck to get his chain back, those days are long gone as the pair have had numerous issues over the years, despite Buck claiming earlier this year that the feuding had all been for show – which Fiddy adamantly denied. The pair traded shots again in February after the G-Unit leader clowned Young Buck for being arrested for vandalism in Nashville, which resulted in a diss track from Buck titled “It’s Nothing.”

Yayo told Vlad TV that he’s warned Buck numerous times about the dangers of going against 50 Cent, but that he’s continued to ignore his advice.

“Now the rants you [Young Buck] go on, it’s just gonna fuck you up,” Yayo said at the time. “I don’t know what deal you signed with 50 Cent or negotiated, but motherfucker will just shut you down ’cause 50 ain’t scared of nobody. He’ll destroy your ass. That motherfucker is nobody to go paws with. He’ll destroy you.”