Summer is almost over, and Toronto’s TOBi has teamed up with Nashville’s Ellery Bonham to give us a sweet song to say goodbye to sunshine-filled days as fall arrives.

On “Summertime,” the two dreamily reminisce about easier times: “Summertime/Always opened my eyes to new heights/Oh and a hundred ways a heart can find a new place to break.” 

“I wrote ‘Summertime’ while in the thick of growing pains. I know TOBi and I share a love of introspection so I was really honored that this song meant something to him too,” Bonham tells Complex. “He’s someone who practices what he preaches, he’s a beautiful soul and storyteller and I’m really grateful that we could share this release.”

Tobi recording with Ellery Bonham
Image via Publicist

The folksy, melodic track puts both singer’s vocals on full display as they ruminate about summertime sadness. The two sing over a simple melody as themes of uncertainty and wistfulness flood the track. There’s a sense of longing for the past as the two reflect on when they were younger. 

Ellery Bonham’s new album Quarterlife Blur drops October 6.