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TOBi has teamed up with Brooklyn duo Brasstracks for “Good Luck For Real,” a soulful, horn-filled track that bursts with energy.

The funky genre-bending song is the perfect way to kick off the collab between the artists, and fans will get to hear it live when TOBi heads out on tour across the U.S. with Brasstracks this fall. 

TOBi’s smooth flow sails with ease over the percussion as he raps, “I ain’t need luck back then/and I damn sure don’t now.” While the song has fun with itself (think: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air references and a John McEnroe name drop) it still skillfully paints an entertaining picture of luxury.

“I’ve had the beat for ‘Good Luck For Real’ for a LONG time. It took on a whole different form when TOBi got his hands on it, and I couldn’t be more happy that it did,” Brasstracks’ Ivan Jackson tells Complex. “We did a couple sessions over Zoom to capture the right vibe for the song, along with my dear friend and collaborator Rothstein. After the first session, we were able to capture this chorus that felt like an invite to the most luxurious party you can imagine with a dress code to match.”

Brasstracks on a gold couch
Image via Shawn Jordan

“After figuring out that chorus, TOBi knocked the rest of the record out of the park- references that I wasn’t necessarily even getting until my third or fourth listen,” he added.

“I’ve wanted to finish some songs with Brasstracks since we first linked up in 2018. Now we’re going on tour together and I’ve matured so much as an artist since then,” TOBi says. “‘Good Luck For Real’” is one of my favorite songs I’ve done in a while and the chemistry is organic because I’ve been rocking with them for so long already. It’s really dope to have music out to work into our sets while on the road to give people the best show possible.”

The joint tour kicks off on September 30 in Chicago. Tickets and tour dates are available here.