Just as the world was desperate for a new pop culture phenomenon to distract us from a global pandemic, Joe Exotic emerged on the scene. The star of Netlix’s hit docuseries, Tiger King, Joe is a larger-than-life personality unlike anyone we’ve ever seen before. The founder of G.W. Zoo, he built a life for himself that revolved around tigers, guns, explosives, high-profile beefs with animal rights activists, and an internet television show. Somehow, he also found time for passionate relationships with multiple husbands at the same time.

But that’s not all. Early in the docuseries, we were introduced to another side of the zoo owner: Joe Exotic, aspiring country music star. 

Watching Joe’s music videos is a surreal experience. At first, you’re drawn in by the absurdity of it all: Running around with giant tigers and a pistol on his belt, Joe’s golden mullett flaps in the wind as he sings songs about love, unity, and big cats. But beyond the sheer spectacle of it all are some legitimately good songs. It’s impossible to hear something like “I Saw A Tiger” without it getting stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Joe can really sing!

Of course, as The Los Angeles Times points out, it’s unlikely that Joe actually sang these songs himself. Apparently, he hired a songwriter named Vince Johnson and a singer named Danny Clinton to create these songs, and he’s just lip-syncing their work in the music videos. Still, these are works of art that need to be appreciated. And we’re all stuck at home with nothing better to do, so fuck it. We ranked Joe Exotic’s 10 best songs. Enjoy.