While the allegations have sparked some outrage on social media, the music industry has been relatively silent. Tiny’s close friend Shekinah attempted to defend the couple when the allegations first came out  in January, but many people thought she implicated the couple even more. Singer-songwriter Kandi Burress, who sang alongside Tiny in the R&B group Xscape, briefly touched on her friend’s situation during an episode of Watch What Happens Live. “I don’t really wanna speak on that situation,” Kandi told host Andy Cohen. “What I want to say is people put out any rumor about somebody right now. This society has become a ‘you’re guilty until proven innocent’ instead of ‘you’re innocent until proven guilty.’ And I do not like that,” she said. “I will say they’re like family to me. Honestly, Tiny and I grew up together. Because of the things that were even said on our show, people always try to wrap me up into any rumor that happens right now. I wanna say, I don’t like that.”