Even though the Weeknd just released a remix to his After Hours album cut “Save Your Tears” with Ariana Grande, the Canadian singer is still looking ahead.

On Tuesday, Abel took to Twitter to share a few somewhat elusive early morning thoughts. He first shared a GIF of Bugs Bunny trying to sleep, with a series of messages to follow.

“What is real?” the Weeknd tweeted, followed by, “made so much magic in the small quarantined room.”

He continued with “nothing’s ever random” and “now just piecing it all together…it’s so beautiful.”

New material has been on the superstar’s mind. In September, Tesfaye revealed he’d been working on music in a makeshift studio in his home.

“I might have another album ready to go by the time this quarantine is over.” He continued, “I’m guilty of wanting to outdo my last album, but it’s never like, ‘I’ve got to do the same type of song.’ I’m so happy I’m not like that. My palette is so wide. … I’m trying to find a perfect balance with the film and the music, and so far it’s going really well. I think I might have cracked the code.”

The Weeknd suffers from asthma, so he’s been particularly careful during the pandemic. He’s been working with a select group of people, which includes members of his XO label and iconic videographer/photographer Nabil Elderkin. COVID-19 tests are administered at regular two-week intervals.