It would be a stretch to say that No Shape, the fourth album from Perfume Genius (the moniker of Seattle-based artist Mike Hadreas), was overlooked. But the pop record — as good as pop gets — is certainly an underappreciated work from 2017. The strength of Perfume Genius’s discography lies in its ability to be incredibly raw, excruciatingly real, and, most significantly, foundational for its fans. Hadreas is gay, and his records have always felt confessional, like sacred texts intended to fully document the scope of one’s interiority. His specificity opens doors to relatability, especially for queer listeners. With No Shape, however, Hadreas explores a more ecstatic realm — not necessarily a post-struggle one, but a stable one. On “Valley” he sings, “How much longer must we live right / Before we don’t even have to try.” It’s an ode to routines, an incisive and cutting exploration that also offers up a gentle reminder: There’s still a life to be lived after fulfillment.