Following the LOX’s Verzuz battle against Dipset, the trio sat down for a Breakfast Club interview to talk about the response to the performance.

One of the people who was most vocal about their appreciation for Jadakiss in particular, was Tyler, the Creator, who popped up in the comments of the Verzuz event throughout the night. He praised the rapper’s “confidence and voice control,” and also joked, “Pause I think I gotta crush on Jadakiss.” He later dubbed Jada the “MVP” of the event after, and he made more glowing comments about him speaking in his Ebro in the Morning interview last week. 

In the LOX’s new Breakfast Club interview, Charlamagne asked if Tyler had hit him up after sharing his “high praise” of the Verzuz. “Tyler, the Creator, man, chill out,” he laughed. “I like Tyler, the Creator. That just mean that he tapped into our frequency and he loved the Verzuz, so I didn’t take it as disrespect. He said he got a ‘crush’ on me or some shit. … Very talented, very smart dude.”

As Tyler said in his Ebro in the Morning conversation, he clarified his appreciation for Jada. "Bro, Jadakiss, bro…that man cares," he told Ebro. "He gives a fuck! Every time he would perform, him and Styles P, there wouldn’t be 80 n***as onstage."

Closer to the end of the chat on Breakfast Club, Styles P gave his thoughts on the lack of artist development these days and suggested that mental health advocates shouldn’t be encouraging the “cancellation” of anyone and used DaBaby as an example after the response to his homophobic comments shared at Rolling Loud Miami