Last year’s Verzuz match between The Lox and Dipset is fondly remembered as a wild, boisterous clash of rap giants, but the night could be defined by the calm before the battle. 

“There was a moment where everyone was talking shit before it actually started,” recalls Technician the DJ, who expertly served as the DJ for The Lox that night. “Kiss was just standing there with a look on his face like, ‘I’m going to eat these guys’ food.’ Everyone was going back and forth on the mic. Kiss was just standing there like, ‘As soon as this bell ring, I’m destroying everybody.’

While Dipset was trading shots with Styles P and Sheek Louch before the battle officially started, Kiss was standing stoically on The Lox’s side of the stage, hands behind his back, ready for the games to begin. It’s always the quiet one. 

“More artists should prep for Verzuz, and take it serious,” Kiss tells Complex now. “It’s a celebration. It’s somewhat of a battle. And you’ve got to take it serious. You show your craftsmanship, as well as display your catalog.” He did all of that in incomparable fashion that night.