Album: Stay Trippy
Producer: Supa Dups, Nineteen85
Label: Kemosabe, Columbia

On this bonus cut from his 2013 comeback album Stay Trippy, Juicy J lets you know he means business immediately, opening with a sample of Uncle Luke hollering, “If you believe in having sex, say hell yeah!” (That command alone is pretty amazing—the question isn’t if you are having sex, or even if you’d like to be having sex, but simply, if you support sex as a concept. I, for one, am in favor). “Having Sex” is a perfect mènage á trois: Juice elaborates on his much-documented love of strippers, Trina declares herself Miss America, and 2 Chainz delivers some of the raunchiest dad jokes in recorded history, including, “Bust a nut on her, that’s babysitting.”