If you’re being honest with yourself, you have to admit that the pre game is more times than not more fun than what comes later. It’s all about potential: You and your best friends, in the comfort of a living room, discussing all the possibilities the evening has in store, already breaking into your favorite bottle of liquor you've been saving for a special night. Where should you go? Who will hook up?

As any seasoned partier can tell you, the pre game is the time to get yourself properly hyped before a night on the town. That means you’ll need the perfect playlist of music that hits the mark between upbeat tunes and classic sing-a-longs, with a few semi-ironic detours thrown in. This is the time to drop hip songs that your best friends know every word to. Whether you are "losing yourself" with Eminem, or tryna be "famous" with Kanye West, these tried and true tracks are so perfect that will pump you up and see you through the best nights of your lives... although you may forget everything by morning.  
With that in mind, here is a list 15 of the best pre game songs released over the last five years. Start your night right: play these beats on and you may wind up never leaving your apartment.