Producer: Eminem
Album: Tupac: Resurrection [Original Soundtrack]
Label: Amaru

Eminem stitched together two performances by the friends-turned-rivals to make an emotional track that reminded all of us what we'd been missing since their deaths. After being murdered within six months of each other, Big and Pac immediately came to represent all the tremendous talent lost to ego, violence, and the insanity of tribalism. They also became intertwined inextricably forever and ever.

Listening to the two on the same track, it becomes crushingly clear how senseless their deaths were and how devastating a loss it was for the art.

Two weeks before Pac was shot, I conducted the interview that's sampled at the top of the track, in which he talks about the fact that this was a war for the soul of hip-hop. In the end neither Big or Pac could claim the entire “n---a kingdom.” They only achieve that together in death.