Producer: Soulshock & Karlin
Album: Me Against the World
Label: Out Da Gutta/Interscope/Amaru

Pac does self-pity far more convincingly than, say, Drake, even if you suspect in the back of your mind that a lot of Pac's troubles were self-created. By this time, his life had already taken on violent circus proportions. He had to contend with several court cases, including two separate cop shooters who blamed their actions on 2Pac's music.

Pac ran with the most dangerous and untrustworthy associates in the Tri-state, was betrayed and almost left for dead and at the time of this release, locked in prison with a music and film career hanging in the balance. His rarified blues might not necessarily be your blues, but this lonely warrior track is built to get you through your more mundane troubles. Pac has a way of tapping into some sort of universal loneliness on any almost any track he rhymed on.