Producer: Johnny "J"
Album: All Eyez On Me
Label: Death Row/Interscope

This Johnny “J” track was made to inspire acrobatic displays on a pole. Pac raps in explicit visuals, comparing himself to hydraulics and such. The strip club anthem proved provocative enough to become one in a string of hits for Pac and Death Row.

The addition of two powerhouse voices from Jodeci—K-Ci & Jojo—was clearly a Suge Knight chess move to psychologically fuck with Puff, who shaped Jodeci's image and, with Devante, their sound. This record was basically a sexromp on wax, yet Pac found time not only to send subliminal shots at Puff but also to clown Bob Dole (ha!) and Bill Clinton for being too old to understand the game. Pac was a master at lyrical multi-tasking.