Producer: Hurt-M-Badd, Tommy Daugherty, Lance Pierre and Justin Isham
Album: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory
Label: Death Row/Interscope

Killuminati rising. Too many quotables, but this one stands out: “Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin' pussy.” This posthumous release is probably Pac's most haunting track, and that is saying something. The otherworldly bells and religious overtones amplified the eerieness of his death by a thousand trillion.

What follows is some of the most resonant verses ever spit. Makavelli gets his Thug Christ on and demands that the Thug Nation (“flesh of my flesh”) follow him into “the wild.” Recorded just weeks before the fatal Vegas shooting, Pac was starting to catch the holy ghost in the booth.

Tupac becomes a thug vessel, letting spirits speak through him on some Hendrix shit. “Never realized the precious time that bitch ni**as be wasting.” He ends his verse reaching for the infinite. “To my homeboys in Quentin Max, doing they bid/Raise hell to this real shit, and feel this/When they turn out the lights, I'll be down in the dark/Thugging eternal through my heart.”

If this shit don't get you charged to go hard on the cycle bike, you might be the walking dead. Pac's opening was so heavy and ill, even E.D.I. Min comes through with the best verse of his career. The same cannot be said for the cat with the fakest Jamaican accent ever, who Pac somehow allowed to ride this hellified track out. “Hell Merry, Hell Merry.” #Fail.