Producer: Johnny "J"
Album: Until the End of Time
Label: Amaru/Death Row

Some posthumous aggressive content by a growly-ass 2Pac, wondering aloud if he's lost his mind. He combines two of his favorite themes—death and war—making a pretty compelling electrofunk track. The loopy, distorted hook sounds like some haunted house shit. Even the title is gangster gothic, a subgenre that Pac became the master of.

During his life he was always able to find the production to match his macabre imagination. Pitch: It's 1996. The east coast/west coast war is raging. L.A. is overrun by Zombies. A small group of Outlawz led by 2Pac must cross the country to get to the east coast if they want to survive. But their rap rivals lie in wait. Hoochie Zombies! G-funk! Someone call AMC immediately.