Having the right kind of music in your ears in the gym is an important thing to consider when going for the glory of the fifth set. If you’re doing it right, the fourth set of any exercise will take you out. Finishing that up and then doing another entire set on a destroyed body area is largely dependent on what’s massaging your ear drums. That’s where Spotify playlists come in. These curated lists extract the adrenaline from your blood with electrifying tunes that power the senses into the next set—but only if you find the right ones.

That’s where we come in. After hours of research and gym workouts (not solely for this story in particular, summer is around the corner), we’ve put together a list of 17 Spotify playlists that are perfect for gym use. Combine these with access to both Gatorade and a water fountain, and you might become the yelling, weight-dropping gym rat that always existed within, but has never surfaced. You can thank finally having the right music for this new discovery about yourself.